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The Red & The Hidden Language

The Red & The Hidden Language is a musical partnership formed 2012 between two friends. A singer/songwriter/guitarist (Pelle Ljungberg) and a producer/sound engineer (André Kalmendal), based on songs written by Pelle.
The style of music is a slightly psychedelic indie-folk with lyrics often written from a travelers point of view and are mostly based on personal and sometimes spiritual experiences. 2016 marked the release of an eponymous album featuring six colourful tracks. The album was released worldwide on all digital platforms and included the three singles A Trip From Chaouen, Fading Like The Setting Sun (new version), and The Secret Tongue.

The Neuksons

A cool kind of new psycobilly music

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Jon Sindenius

Jon Sindénius, born 26 March 1988, is a Swedish musician, songwriter and music arranger. He made his breakthrough in 2009 when participating in Swedish Idol, with the song “At A Restaurant During Ramadan (Baby Here We Go Again)”, written by himself.
In June/July 2016, Sindénius released the song “This Microphone”. Sindénius is currently in the studio together with producer André Kalmendal, recording material for an EP to be released later in 2016. A single from the EP is planned for release in summer 2016. Sindénius’ musical style is a mix of funk, R&B, rock and pop with focus on guitar and song.