Basement Bout

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Basement Bout

Raging Rock

Basement Bout is a four member strong, guitar based rock band from the small Swedish town of Växjö. Influenced by the 70’s punk, garage and rock the band really goes full speed all along with their music. Raging riffs are put together with clear strong vocals to bring exactly what the name says – a basement bout.

They just recently release their self-titled 4 track EP and are now ready to bring their energy live on stage.

“With “I Won’t Dance,” the band burns through a punk-fueled landscape of annihilated instruments and severed vocal cords. The song contorts and struggles to break free from its confines, and when it eventually does, the resulting explosion of sound and energy is something to behold. Lengths of guitar strings and pieces of drumheads go flying past your head, ricocheting from wall to wall before finally setting down at your feet. There’s an unadulterated glee to the manic persuasiveness that Basement Bout manages to thread throughout the track.” –



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