Cirkus Livet

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Cirkus Livet

Melancholic indie-rock

Cirkus Livet was started in Malmö the autumn of 2012 by a gang of Smålanders in exile. This five man orchestra plays melancholic indie-rock with strong lyrics in Swedish. Cirkus Livet has release several EP:s, singles and videos and are now working on their debut album expected to be released somewhere in 2017.

The band recently participated in the Swedish national radio program “Svensktoppen Nästa 2016” with their song Flyr härifrån. Their most recent release was the single Ibland drömmer jag. The perfect power-pop song for decadent summer nights. The single also featured the songs En dag i sänder and Vackraste vägen with vocals by Kajsa Hjertpil.



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